Virus Protection and Removal

Bergen IT can protect you from viruses

Are you Safe?

The Internet is an essential part of everyone’s business and personal life, but there are risks just from everyday use. Bergen IT can root out vicious malware and viruses that plague your computer typically as a result of internet use.

We recommend monthly security checks to prevent data damage or theft. Keeping your computers safe from viruses, spyware, and other malware will result in greater work efficiency and keep your data safe. It will give you greater peace of mind.

In addition we strongly encourage regular cleanings of your computer. Having a cleaning will remove garbage files left behind by your operating system and browsers. Often infections will hide in temporary file locations. Doing a cleanup makes your computer run more smoothly and safely.

Just consider if you were to not wash your face for three years how you might look and function. If you haven’t gotten a cleaning for your computer in a while, now is the time. At minimum we recommend quarterly cleanings.


Your Computer Needs Regular Cleaning & Virus Protection

Your standard anti-virus software isn’t enough to eliminate all threats. And here’s just some of what you need to be protected against:

Hidden programs running in the background that search for personal information and send it out to identity thieves via your internet connection.
Unwanted pop-up ads that can take over your internet browser, often to the point where it becomes unusable.
Applications designed to hijack your computer and use it for the purposes of their makers, such as spamming, phishing, identity theft, and attacks on large commercial or government computer networks.
Malware that is self-replicating, spreading via e-mail and websites to other computers.

How do you know if your computer is infected?  Some signs that your computer may be infected include:

  • Pop-up ads seem to come out of nowhere
  • The website you go to switches to a questionable site without you lifting a finger
  •  Sometimes you have internet connectivity and sometimes you don’t
  • People inform you that they have received messages from you with links to porn sites or purporting you are out of the country and needing money
  • Fewer and fewer programs can open
  • Your computer seems to do things autonomously, such as starting programs or exiting from them

Bergen IT can root out vicious malware and viruses that plague your computer.  Keeping your computers free from infections will result in greater work efficiency and keep your data safe.

With industry best-practices and our security expertise, we remove any and all threats on your hard drive(s) and network.  We find and destroy all the nasties a single anti-virus program usually misses.

Are you safe?

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