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Stethoscope on a Computer KeyboardOur clients need help with questions and problems that crop up every day.  Bergen IT provides both on-site and remote support – we’re just a phone call, text message, or e-mail message away.

We don’t just respond the same day. We can usually reply within a couple hours, if not immediately.  When possible, we use remote access software to resolve issues via the internet.  If internet access has been disrupted, or there’s a problem with hardware, we schedule a time as soon as possible for an on-site visit.

All too often people rely on family members or friends to help them solve the puzzling computer and tech issues that sometimes come up. Many times the result is less quality family time, and more frustration. It’s no wonder why some clients have told us: “You saved my marriage!”

Using one of our affordable remote support plans means that you never have to bug your loved ones again!

And if you’re the family member or office person who is constantly asked to solve tech problems (even when its not your job), think about how great it would be to have Bergen IT answer all those questions and solve those problems.

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Regular maintenance is important to safeguarding the data on your business’ computers. The biggest risk to your computer and the safety of your data is to just let things go until there’s a major problem.

Bergen IT offers two affordable ways to maintain your computer:

  • Computer System HealthCheck
  • Ongoing Computer Monitoring

The Computer HealthCheck is a holistic approach to your computer and business needs. We review everything about your computers on a regular basis, including:

  • hard drive condition
  • remaining hard drive capacity
  • available RAM and its health
  • operating system update status
  • application patch status
  • firewall settings
  • antivirus and antimalware effectiveness
  • browser exploits
  • power supply condition
  • backup effectiveness and strategy
  • overall system efficiency

We provide a report on our findings as well as recommendations for resolving issues that are uncovered.

Bergen IT’s Computer Monitoring program is an ongoing low-cost maintenance plan where we do regular remote checking of your computer for such things as security holes, application problems, operating system issues, and overall hardware health.  Servers and workstations can be covered.  We provide weekly or monthly reports that identify problems. And we’ll of course contact you to discuss any fixes should a problem be identified.

Computer Monitoring includes real-time reporting on:

  • Hard drive condition
  • Memory (RAM) leaks or corruption
  • Power supply unit condition
  • Operating system patch updates
  • Application updates
  • Device driver updates
  • Antivirus and antimalware readiness
  • Firewall settings
  • Intrusion holes
  • Network and internet connectivity
  • Internet speed
  • Backup situation
  • Cable  modem/router throughput and reliability
  • Network switch condition
  • Overall system effectiveness

Both the Computer HealthCheck and the Computer Monitoring programs are very cost-effective, especially when compared against the time and money saved by avoiding crashes and slow downs, or the data risk of virus infections or hacking attempts.

Bergen IT serves northern New Jersey (including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Passaic counties), Manhattan and the Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester Counties, and can remotely assist clients across the country.


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