Bergen IT offers a range of services to help you and your support staff work better and more efficiently. Our goal is to provide tech solutions to problems so that you can get work done, generate more sales, communicate with clients and vendors, and make more money.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Security and Disaster Planning

Security is essential. You must protect your business data. There’s a broad spectrum of computer security, from antivirus and firewall protection to biometrics (e.g., fingerprint readers) for network or application access. Bergen IT will develop a cost-effective plan to avoid data disaster. If your company is in a situation where there’s data loss, backup alone won’t get your business up and running right away. Bergen IT will work to recover your data if calamity strikes.

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  • Data Recovery

When accidently deleted files are no longer in the Trash or Recycle Bin and must be restored, Bergen IT has the tools to recover them. Should there be a hard drive crash, and the hard drive is not recognized by the operating system, data recovery is often still possible with our help.

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  • Virus Protection and Removal

Bergen IT can root out vicious malware and viruses that plague your computer. Monthly security checks prevent data damage or theft. Keeping your computers free from viruses, spyware, and other malware will result in greater work efficiency and keep your data safe.

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  • Support & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to safeguarding the data on your business’ computers.BergenIT will check for and repair hard drive errors, blow dust out of the computer case and power supply to prevent overheating (and failure of components), and check system connections. Hard drive checkups help keep computers running smoothly and ensure that data is safe from hard drive failure.

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  • Installation, Upgrades, Repairs

When Bergen IT installs new computers in your office, they are set up to meet your specifications. We ensure that your computers are in top-notch condition, and can repair, replace, or upgrade hardware and software.

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  • Moving Services

Moving to a new office entails much more than getting desks and office supplies to a new location. Servers, computers, networking equipment, and printers need to be moved safely and installed as quickly as possible without business disruption. Expert help from Bergen IT ensures data is protected, and that you’re back to business in no time.

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  • Networking

There are as many kinds of networks as there are networking needs — from a simple home network that allows two or more computers to share an internet connection, to a robust business network giving users shared resources and secure workspaces. No matter how simple or complex the network, Bergen IT will provide the appropriate solution.

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  • Project Management

Bergen IT can oversee the planning and implementation of your IT project — from installing or upgrading a server to specifying, designing, and programming an application.

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  • Custom Computers

Computers designed for a business’ particular needs cannot be purchased from a major computer manufacturer. Bergen IT can build a computer to meet your specific requirements at a comparable cost to mass-market machines.

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  • Smart Phone and Mobile Device Services

Integrating your smart phone into your business is a no brainer. But synchronizing your calendar and contacts isn’t always easy. Bergen IT has the expertise to make your smart phone or tablet an integral part of your business.

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  • Training and Documentation

One-on-one or group training keeps you and your staff working at the highest level and helps you be at your competitive best. Customized documentation developed for you by Bergen IT puts complex instruction into simple steps for those computer tasks that are complicated and infrequent, but necessary. Bergen IT will give you a leg up with comprehensive documentation, whether in the form of QuickLook Cards, booklets, or manuals.

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  • Audio Solutions

Bergen IT is your source for streaming audio and video solutions at home or in the office. If you’re renovating your office or home, BergenIT will work with you to develop and implement the right audio, video, and internet plans. Whether it’s music files stored on iTunes or playing an internet radio station, we can provide the appropriate options for output from ceiling speakers, over a standard stereo system, or through a home theater environment. We provide guidance and advice in the planning stage, make recommendations for equipment and methodologies, and configure the gear for the best sounding results.

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