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Moving TechnologyMoving to a new office entails much more than getting desks and office supplies to a new location. Servers, computers, networking equipment, and printers need to be moved safely and installed as quickly as possible without business disruption. Expert help from Bergen IT ensures data is protected, and that you’re back to business in no time.

How Bergen IT Can Help

The first step in a move is to prepare the new space for incoming equipment.  Our checklist includes:

  • If servers and other networking equipment is a part of the computer system, appropriate space must be readied.  This should include racks, cabling, and power.
  • If network cabling is not already in place, it must be run and tested before the move occurs.
  • Heating and air conditioning must be available and pre-set for anticipated equipment use.

Preparing equipment for the move entails on the day of the move:

  • shutting down servers, computers, NAS units, firewalls, and switches properly
  • allowing cool-down time
  • disconnecting and labeling all cables
  • wrapping equipment appropriately for transport
  • placing all connecting cables into labeled boxes or bags
  • working with the movers to ensure careful handling

With everything properly packed and labeled, everything go into place smoothly and be operational in little time.  Planning and active preparation are essential to a successful technology move.


Bergen IT serves northern New Jersey (including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Passaic counties), Manhattan and the Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester Counties, and can remotely assist clients across the country.


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