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Bergen IT provides the expertise, patience, and care to properly install computer, audio, television, and home theater systems in offices and homes.

Computers and Networked Systems

Computers and Computer SystemsWhether installing one computer in a single practitioner’s office or an entire system – server(s), computers, firewalls and switches, ethernet cables, printers, and so on – in a large office space, our focus is on getting the right equipment into place with the right configurations to ensure ongoing and improved user experiences. Before recommending any hardware or software, time is spent with our clients to learn as much as possible about what they do, how they work, and what they are seeking with a new or upgraded installation. We make sure to match client needs with best practices so that the installation is integrated seamlessly into the work environment.

Audio Systems

Bergen IT installs two types of audio systems:

  • Multi-room audio for offices and homes, and
  • Stereo installations

Multi-room Audio

Ceiling Speaker InstallationNot only home owners, but many businesses feel that background music can make a difference.  This means running speaker cable, installing ceiling speakers (and in some cases, in-wall speakers) in public rooms and setting up the appropriate amplification and sources for background music.  Depending on the intent of the client, the size and shape of rooms, the budget, and anticipated floor and wall/window coverings, the brand and model of recommended speakers can vary greatly.  We will find the right speakers at the price point you require.

Whether the installation is done in a doctor’s office, a jewelery store, a supermarket, or a home, Bergen IT takes care to make the system easy to use, easy on the ears, and easy to upgrade.

Stereo Installations

Living Room StereoAdding high quality stereo to a showroom can add appreciably to the customer experience. Selling furniture, kitchen installations, paintings, and so on is given high-end panache when the music sounds like it could be live. Installing just the right stereo system – where looks and sound match the showroom nicely – is a service that Bergen IT is happy to provide.

The same skills apply to selecting the right stereo equipment for one’s home and installing the gear properly for a great audio experience.  Bergen IT has the experience and knowledge not only to help select the appropriate gear for your ear, your room, and your budget, but also how to configure the equipment to get the best sound.

Home Theater

Speakers - Living RoomBringing the movie theater experience into your home can be exhilarating, and Bergen IT enjoys making that possible.  We help you select just the right equipment to bring movies to life:  the display (a TV or projector and screen), the amplification for sound, the speakers, cables, audio/video sources, and remote control.  The equipment alone won’t make movie watching a great experience.  It all has to be properly set up and configured to get optimal video and sound quality.  We’ll also work with you to fit all your home theater needs into your decor and budget.

Video in the Workplace

Televisions and other display technologies have a place in business today as tools to bring in customers, enhance salesrooms, provide information, and aid with presentations and education.  Whether it’s adding digital signage or setting up a conference room with the right video technology, Bergen IT installs TVs, projectors, and screens for optimal viewing while hiding cabling and providing easy to use remote controls.

Upgrades and Repairs

Computers and Computer Systems

Computer RepairMost computer upgrades and repairs are done either on-site or on our workbenches at competitive rates. Computer upgrades usually involve installing an increase in RAM, replacing the hard drive with a higher-capacity drive, or replacing the video card with a more capable model.

Computer system upgrades generally involve replacing aging equipment with new, transferring data, and updating network configurations. Some upgrades involve firmware or software updates; for example, updating the firmware of a firewall appliance can make a big difference in security and capability for protecting your networked computers from hacking and malware.

Audio and Home Theater

Stereo RepairAudio system and home theater upgrades usually require replacing equipment, but in some cases involve making firmware updates. Audio and home theater repairs are dependent on warranties, the type of gear, availability of parts, and the nature of the repair. While many repairs can be done by Bergen IT, we often recommend sending higher-end equipment to the original manufacturer for repair.


Bergen IT serves northern New Jersey (including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, and Passaic counties), Manhattan and the Bronx, Rockland, and Westchester Counties, and can remotely assist clients across the country.


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