Data Backup & Recovery


The “belt-and-suspenders” methodology is highly recommended for everyone:

  • Local (on-site) backup


  • Cloud backup

Full redundancy is best. Think of cloud backup as insurance should your local backup fail.

Local Backup

Local backup includes using an external hard drive directly connected to one computer, or a NAS (Network Attached Storage device) connected to the network as backup for multiple computers.  The advantages of local backup include:

  • Good effectiveness, being fast, reliable, and roomy
  • Great ease of use
  • Low cost

Bergen IT can help you determine the best local backup solution for your needs.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup entails using an internet service to automatically backup files from your computer(s) to a server outside of your location.  The advantages of cloud backup include:

  • High effectiveness
  • Very dependable with broadband internet connectivity

Good cloud backup services use high-level encryption and good password management to ensure your data is safe.

While Bergen IT provides a cloud backup service to its clients, we are happy to recommend the service that fits your needs best.



When accidentally deleted files are no longer in the Trash or Recycle Bin and must be restored, Bergen IT has the tools to recover them.  Should there be a hard drive crash, and the hard drive is not recognized by the operating system, data recovery is often still possible with our help.

If normal methodologies do not work, Bergen IT has a relationship with several data recovery companies that go the extra mile to recover your data.  They rebuild hard drives and use white-room standards to get to the missing data.  While such high-end data recovery can be pricey, we do our best to keep the cost as low as possible while doing the most to get your data back in your hands.


If you have backup or recovery needs, give us a call today.