Custom Computers

Thermaltake Gaming Case

Thermaltake makes computer cases that are great for gaming.

Bergen IT builds high-quality custom computers that fit your precise requirements. Our hand-built custom computer systems are designed for both individuals and businesses. When a mainstream computer doesn’t meet your needs, we can produce an excellent custom computer to your specifications.

Since 2009 we’ve built custom computers for gaming, home theater, doctor’s offices, auto mechanics, day traders, and more. Bergen IT has the experience to produce exactly the computing environment desired by our customers.  By incorporating everything you need and nothing you don’t, we maximize the value you get from your custom computer equipment.

Why Would I Want a Custom Computer?

Mass market computers are typically fine for general commercial and residential use. But mainstream computers don’t necessarily give you exactly what you want or need. Sometimes they have extraneous hardware and software that takes up processing power and memory. And the parts for consumer level computers are typically purchased in large lots. While bulk buying may be cost-effective for the computer companies, the quality of the parts that they use may not always be the highest.


Shuttle PC Case is a mini-computer platform – the size of a bread box.

Bergen IT always buys high-quality parts. And a human is paying careful attention while building the computer. A robot isn’t building the computer. We are.

Our custom built computer systems are crafted in-house and carefully designed.  It’s our attention to detail where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. We’ve built tiny education and entertainment-oriented computers that ride inconspicuously on the backs of monitors and TVs.  We’ve also built large liquid-cooled beasts that meet the processing and video demands of highly active day traders. Tell us what you need and we can develop the perfect computing package for you.


Environment is Just One Element We Consider

Intel NUC

The Intel NUC is a micro computer platform which is surprisingly powerful.

We pay attention to the environment as well as the purpose of the computer.  For example, if the computer is going to operate in a warehouse or other dusty facility, we make sure the appropriate internal power supply is utilized and that all in-blowing fans are filtered.

If the computer is planned for use in public for kiosk duties, all parts have to be robust and the case well shielded – and possibly water resistant.

A doctor’s office may be best served by a computer in a small case.  But a day trader needs a large case with extensive cooling capabilities to handle high-end processing and multiple video feeds.

Custom Computers Meticulously Built.  Guaranteed.

Our computer builds are all meticulous, with carefully and neatly routed cabling and well-secured parts.  We guarantee all custom computers to be free of defect for one year.

Typically our computers cost a little bit more than the mass market. But they are more durable, and tailored the way you want them.

No matter what the budget, Bergen IT can construct the right computer for you.

Let’s talk.


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