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Bergen IT LLC serves as the IT department for businesses in northern New Jersey that do not have full-time technical staff. With our personal attention, reasonable rates and expertise, businesses save time and money by coming to us for all their technology-related needs.

Whether your business is a one-person shop or has 100 employees, you can trust Bergen IT to be your technology solution.

Our clients include law firms, doctors’ offices, law practices, accounting firms, food markets, insurance companies, electricians, real estate companies, retail shops, marketing firms, printers, not-for-profit institutions, and professionals of all stripes. No matter what business you’re in, we’re here for you.

Take advantage of our remote tech support capabilities. Bergen IT can help you quickly and efficiently. Find out about rates for managed services,  hourly tasks, or long-term projects.

Call today at 201-689-1823 to make an appointment. Or email us at solutions@Bergenit.net. You can count on us!

About Costa Rodis

Costa Rodis is the Founder and  Chief Technology Officer of Bergen IT LLC. He combines nearly 30 years of experience in the IT field with a sharp focus on how new technologies can solve the challenges faced by businesses and professionals. Costa has worked in the IT departments of major law firms, and as an independent consultant and trainer in New York City and in northern NJ. He’s comfortable with software and hardware, PCs and Macs, Windows and OSX, desktops and laptops, smart phones and tablets.

Recognizing that the needs of small businesses in Northern NJ were underserved, Costa Rodis Computer Consulting transitioned to Bergen IT in 2008. Programmers, project managers, server administrators, and apps developers are just some of the resources Bergen IT has available to work with your company.



About Felicia Halpert

Felicia HalpertFelicia Halpert is the President of Bergen IT LLC. She is highly experienced in the digital, operations, project management, and content spaces. Prior to her work with Bergen IT, Felicia managed teams creating compelling online learning experiences, tools, and services as an executive for Scholastic Inc. and Pearson Inc.. She is also an award-winning writer and editor.

Felicia joined Bergen IT in 2013. Her goal is to bring the best in technology support, resources, and security to small businesses, professionals, and homeowners.

The team at Bergen IT is committed to finding the right technology solutions at the right price for businesses and professionals. Personal service, clear communication, and trust are core to the company’s mission.




We appreciate the wide group of clients that we serve. Here’s what some of them have to say:

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